Financial Aide 101

Join Us 12/14 College Financial Aid Assistance
 "The more you LEARN the more you EARN"

High School Diploma                                      Average Weekly Earnings  $712
Technical Training/Vocational College         Average Weekly Earnings  $836
Bachelor Degree                                            Average Weekly Earnings  $1,173

It pays to further training and education, but that takes financial support for students. We would like to support your efforts in helping your children be prepared for the career world on which they are about to embark!

Did you know there are grants included when you apply for financial aid which NEVER HAVE TO BE REPAID? Don't let this opportunity pass your child by. In order to receive financial aid for the January semester, you must apply soon!

Join Us 
  • December 14 @ 6pm
  • Step by step application help for financial aid
  • Bring your 2020 tax return, and you can complete the application with privacy and one on one help available.
  • Our expert, Mr. Jared Olivarez (District Manager/CCMR - Career College Military Readiness for ResponsiveEd) will be on hand, along with PHS Dayton staff to assist you.